Bucket list

I know – borrowing from the novel / movie of the same name…

This will evolve with time – but to begin:

  1. Sip a 40 year old single malt
  2. Eat as much lobster as possible in one sitting
  3. See the Great Pyramids
  4. Act in a real play
  5. Make my own cheese
  6. Run for political office again
  7. Be a grandfather before I’m too old and cranky (but not before I’m 55!)
  8. Ride a luge down a track
  9. Golf a round under 90
  10. Go to Paris with Colleen
  11. Get a tattoo
  12. Take a bona fide race car around an oval a couple of times
  13. Take a cruise around the Greek Islands
  14. Or at least visit Greece
  15. Completely map the Oughtred lineage from the Eastern Townships to modern day
  16. Retire at 60

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