Posted by: trashee | March 6, 2009

Theme for my new blog?

I am usually a very decisive guy but am having a really hard time choosing a new theme for my new blog at

I am currently considering either Wasteland or Pixeled – and would love some thoughts on these or other themes. The only hard parameters I hold to are that it has to have a customizable header and three columns.

Help please?



  1. I like the Pixeled theme.

  2. Wasteland by a landslide. I can’t read black blogs. They’re very difficult visually. They may look pretty at first glance, but they totally screw with the seeing part of your brain.

  3. Wasteland for me, too. The black looks neat, but it’s not as “warm” as the other.

  4. I went to the WordPress themes directory and had a peek, there are some nice ones there. Not all 3-column though. – I’m not as keen on this one, but it looks ok – I like the layout of this one, but I’m not sure about the colour scheme

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