Posted by: trashee | March 1, 2009

Taking the plunge

So, well, I finally decided to register my domain name through GoDaddy and set up a hosting arrangement thrugh a friend of a colleague. Trashy is pretty techy-challenged at the best of times but Gordo managed to set me up with the basics. I figgered out how to export my posts from this account to my new one though I have yet to figger out how the hell I can set themes, plug-ins, etc. There is supposed to be a directory called wp/themes or something somewhere – but damned if I can find such a beast!

Anyhow, once my middle-aged addled brain gets wrapped around this strange new world, I plan on migrating my links, setting a new theme and make the new site semi-functional in the next week or so. Until then, I’ll be cutting back on my posts on this site while working on the new one.

You can wander on over to if you really want to – but there’s really not much to see.



  1. Wow! Best of luck with the migration.

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