Posted by: trashee | October 4, 2008

More plagarism? Say it ain’t so!

Man, the big S-man better start vetting his speeches a bit better. Second time in a week that he gets nailed for copying someone else’s efforts without attribution!

Man, if my 15 year-old got caught doing this, she would be expelled!

Or, under Harpy’s new rules for young offenders, thrown into a federal prison!

OK – just joking on the second point.



  1. Looks like his speach writer had a bad year in 2003. Fortunately the guy quit. I’m sure Harper will be more careful in the future, because we know what he’s like when it comes to the media…

  2. Agreed.
    I’m thinking that the “vetting department” within the PMO is due for an expansion.

  3. There is only two ways that this could happen. First it is Stephen who actually did the copying remember he is the brain behind the Conservatives, he is no Bush to depend on a someone else to write for him. Or it was just bad luck, Harper and Howard received the same talking points form the White house but Howard was faster in using them than Harper.

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