Posted by: trashee | September 28, 2008

The Politics of Fear – both Harper AND Dion are to blame

From Fair Vote Canada:

The Politics of Fear is Misleading and Polarizing.

Which of You Will Change the Sad Face of Canadian Politics?

Dear Mr. Harper and Mr. Dion:

On behalf of all Canadians who want to believe in democracy, 
allow me to express my enormous frustration with this election

The leaders of our two largest political parties are acting more
like fear mongers than true leaders.

Stephane Dion, you say Canadians must vote for the Liberal Party,
or Stephen Harper, with a phony majority government, will ruin 
Canada as we know it.

Stephen Harper, you say Canadians must vote for the Conservative 
Party, or Stephane Dion as head of a phony majority Liberal 
government will ruin Canada as we know it.

Is Canada truly in such terrible danger, or are both of you 
simply avoiding the core question that any Canadian would ask:

'Why should a leader and party without true majority voter
support be allowed to seize command of Parliament and 
impose law and policy on all Canadians?'

Why is it that you defend and perpetuate a system of 
election and government which lacks the legitimacy conferred 
by majority voter support?

What do you say to the nearly eight million orphan voters 
in this country - more than half the active electorate, 
many of whom support your own parties - who on October 
14 will again cast votes which elect nobody to the House of 
Commons? To Conservative voters who will elect hardly any 
representatives in urban centres and to Liberal voters who 
will elect no one in the prairie provinces?

Which of you on October 1 and 2 will say to the cameras 
that before the next election you will bring in proportional 
representation, making all Canadian voters equal citizens 
with equal votes and equal representation in the House of 
Commons, thus ending the need for fear and hate campaigns 
designed to gain that slight advantage in the popular vote 
that will result in a phony, underserved majority of seats 
in Parliament?

Canadians would be delighted to hear you pledge that your 
government will make this the last unfair and undemocratic 
federal election. Any leader who makes that pledge would be 
deserving of the votes from millions of currently orphaned 
voters on October 14.

Yours for a democratic Canada,

Barbara Odenwald, President
Fair Vote Canada and

Fair Vote Canada (FVC) is a national multi-partisan citizens' 
campaignto promote voting system reform. FVC was founded 
in 2001 and has a National Advisory Board of distinguished 
Canadians from all points on the political spectrum.


  1. I’m pretty sure this is a topic on which you and I agree strongly. The Canadian electoral system is a perverse mockery of democracy in its current form.

    Back when there were, realistically, only 2 parties, FPtP made sense – just like it does in the USA right now. But those days are long gone.

    Canadians, however, are pretty stupid when it comes to this. Look at the electorate of Ontario which bought into all the misinformation and shot down their opportunity to have proportional representation at the provincial level. And the usual cry? “whah it’s too hard”

  2. Squid-dude – I absolutely do agree with you. Unfortunately, the two of us don’t hold the power to change this unfair system (damn).
    But I figure that if folks like us and organizations like Fair Vote Canada keep hammering away at the issue, then maybe something will change in our lifetimes…

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