Posted by: trashee | March 14, 2008


A comment on cbc .ca today

Yeah “Every Canadian” can hire a lawyer and sue when they are mistreated. Absolutely, we are all rich in Canada. The government hands out gold to everyone, every month, hundreds of kilograms of gold..

Harper, you made a bribe and got caught. You went the Roger Clemens route, instead of blaming someone and firing them.

There will be an election; the Conservative Party of Canada keeps calling me for support.

It is time to change this government; they are too closed up for Canadians. I do not believe Canadians are interested in a government resembling the United States in secrecy.

And that is the crux of the matter folks. The Harper government is about secrecy – not democracy. It is about control and not about transparency – it is that simple.

Yeah – I’ve been a politician in the past – a lot of you know that. But this ex-politico has never been as scared as he is now about the idea of this one person having absolute control in this country. We have to stop him. Now.


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