Posted by: trashee | May 24, 2007

Warm weather begets less bitchin’

I looked at the date of my last post and realized that as we move deeper into late spring and early summer, the less cantankerous I become.

Being a polar nation, I think we Canucks are a lot more forgiving at this time of the year. Regardless of the intensity of the winter – winter is winter and that draws out the most sarcastic vitriolic and cynical of us. When we get these 25-30 degree temps, all seems somewhat better – more balanced if you will – and we tend to sit back on our patios with our beers and say wtf.

I’m not going soft – you understand.

It’s just that I have my first match on the pitch next Tuesday (I coach the teen’s soccer team) and this is the lead-in to summer. Those hot days, wearing my bandanna, are just ahead. So it’s tough to sack Stevie comme d’habitude or go on about the moron in the U S of A.


Gotta get my game back, eh?

Tune back soon – there’s sure to be something soon to turn my crank anti-clockwise.

Meanwhile, where’s that Shiraz?


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